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About HereAndOk

The HereAndOk Web site is meant to show that we are here and we are OK. With some hard work and some good ideas, we will continue to be here and will be even better.

The HereAndOk Web pages work well with both Mozilla Firefox version 3 and Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8. They work similarly well with Google Chrome, though it not particularly well tested. Other browsers and versions, except for very old versions, ought to work, but have not been tested.

Privacy and Personal Information

The HereAndOk site does not currently permanent utilize cookies, though we reserve the right to change this policy. The site does use session cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser.


Here are some of the technologies used to build and run HereAndOk.

A Web Server sends Web pages to a user's Web browser. The Web Server for basic Web pages is Apache.

Java Server Pages and Java handle dynamic content and other programming, such as database access. The Web server for Java Server Pages (those that end in .jsp) is Tomcat.

The primary development tool for Java Server Pages and other Java code is NetBeans.

The database is MySql

For editing static files, such as straight html and style sheets, the main tool is UltraEdit.

O'Reilly is the best and most reliable publisher of technical books on software development.

The HereAndOk preferred image viewing program is ThumbsPlus from Cerious Software .

Last Update:15 April 2007

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