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HereAndOk Reservoir Levels List

Are we running out of water? Are we facing water shortages? Here are some links for monitoring reservoir levels around the USA and Canada. Note that many places get water from rivers, not reservoirs.

New York City's Water Supply System The City's Department of Environmental Protection does not always update the figures over holiday periods. Precipitation figures do not seem accurate.

New Jersey Drought Information

New Jersey Reservoir Levels

Pennsylvania Drought Information Center

Maryland Department of the Environment Current Conditions

Baltimore Reservoir Plots

Yadkin River, North Carolina Reservoir Data

Durham, NC Water Supply Status

Lake and Reservoir Levels in the Savannah River area

University of Virginia Reservoir Status Graph, explained here

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Up-to-Date Information on the Tennessee River System Select the desired reservoir from the Drop Down box. Gives amount of water released, not water levels.

Tampa Water Monitor

Louisville, KY District (IS Army Corps of Engineers) Lake Levels

Ohio River Daily Reservoir Status and Reservoir Storage Status

Wisconsin River Reservoir Water Levels

Great Lakes Water Levels

Cass Lake in Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota

St Paul, MN Water Control Center Real Time Water Resources Data

Water Level Readings on Cass Lake, MN

Iowa River & Coralville Dam reservoirs

St. Louis River & Reservoir Daily Report

New England Rservoirs managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers These seem to be only in Connecticut.

Providence Water Supply Board Scituate Reservoir Elevation

Water Resources in New Hampshire and Vermont

U.S. Geological Survey Current Water Resources Conditions in Maine (seems to be a bit outdated)

California Central Valley Reservoirs

City of San Diego's Water Levels

Shasta Lake (California) Water Level

Bass Lake, CA Information

Salt River Project (Central Arizona, Phoenix, etc.) Daily water report

City of Santa Fe, NM Current & Past Reservoir Levels

Ridgway Reservoir Near Ridgway, CO

Oklahoma Daily Morning Report of Reservoir Conditions

International Boundary & Water Commission Rio Grande Conditions

Oregon Reservoir Levels

Seattle area River Basin Levels

Friday Harbor ~ San Juan Island, Washington State Trout Lake Reservoir Level

Dworshak Reservoir, Idaho Reservoir Levels

Texas Reservoir Storage from the Texas Water Development Board

US Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock District Reservoirs

Lake Powell Reservoir Data and Reservoir Storage

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Resources Information has a list of many reservoirs in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming for which current water levels are available.

Southern Alberta Reservoir Information

The National Drought Mitigation Center's Palmer Drought Severity Index Map shows drought severities throughout the country.

Last Update:03 January 2005

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