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Windows Hints

Hints and Advice for Windows computers

Do you run Microsoft's CD Player, also known as Deluxe CD Player, on Windows 2000 or Windows 98? If so, you likely have noticed that it fails to look up CD track and title information on the Internet. A site called threeTIX has a solution. Click on the link on threeTix's home page threeTIX labeled Connect W2K/Deluxe CD Player to threeTIX, or just go directly to Connect Deluxe CD Player for instructions.

Prefer File Manager to Windows Explorer for Windows 2000?Some of us do, because it still has the more compact Multiple Document Interface that saves space and uses fewer Windows tasks.† If your copy of Windows 2000 does not include File Manager, here it is. Download the Win 2K File Manager (take all 4 files):

Put these into your WINNT\System32 directory or equivalent.

Donít have Solitaire on your PC? Here, download Solitaire. Put it into your WINNT\System32 directory or some other directory that is in your System Path.

Or, download File Manager and Solitaire in one Zip File.After downloading, extract the files and put them into your WINNT\System32 directory or equivalent, or into some other directory that is in your System Path.


Guide Network for Windows is a good technical information resource and advice site for Microsoft Windows, especially for configuring values in the Registry.

Windows2000 Tips has a bunch of useful advice for Microsoft Windows 2000.

File Extension Source has an amazingly complete list of file extensions that Windows uses. Examples of file extensions are .doc (used by Word) and .txt (for text files). Most are much more obscure, and this site lists them.

Last Update:17 February 2003

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